The Smashing Pumpkins official website is now selling the Mellon Collie reissue with bundle options.

The Smashing Pumpkins official site is now offering the Mellon Collie reissue on their website with a number of bundle options and digital downloads.

The bundle option for both the Deluxe CD/DVD box set OR Vinyl Reissue include a t-shirt (in his or hers) and a tote bag. Another bundle know as the “MCIS Audiophile Bundle” includes the High Definition 92kHz/24bit release along with both the vinyl release and the deluxe box set.

Other single items included all the standard reissues as single items and digital downloads. Then there are some single item t-shirts and tote bag that are different from those found in the other bundle options.

The Mellon Collie reissues from the official site starts to ship till AFTER December 4th (the official release date) so with each music based purchase you will be given an mp3 download of your merchandise on December 4th.

In addition the Oceania merchandise has had some price drooped. So if you haven’t gotten these shirts and tote bag already here is a chance to get them for $10 less.

Another price drops that can be spotted are that the other reissues have also been marked down.