Flashback Friday: Machina / the machines of God

The Smashing Pumpkins 5th album was a concept album that came with a story titled an excerpt from Glass and the Machines of God. Machina II would later accompany the story and Billy Corgan would explain how the songs were connected to that story in a diagram.

Although all 4 original members of the Pumpkins worked on the album D’arcy left the band during it’s recording process. Billy had explained that when she left all the work she would normally do was already completed. The Smashing Pumpkins would replace her with Melissa Auf Der Maur during the tour. Flood explained “Sadly Darcy’s presence on Machina declined over the first 3 months of recording. This meant we had to completely rethink and redo everything. James did play some of the bass tracks.”

The album had three singles that were accompanied with music videos The Everlasting Gaze, Stand Inside Your Love, and Try, Try, Try. It also had a promotional CD releases for the song I of the Mourning which was played on some radio station as well as a promotional cassette released for Heavy Metal Machine.

The album was released on Feb 29th 2000. and won an RIAA Gold certification for selling over a half a million units on April 18th 2000.