Enter to win an open box limited edition 7 inch of The Celestials

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CONGRATULATION: to Travis W. who has won The Smashing Pumpkins 7″ of The Celestials & t-shirt box!
Crestfallen.com is giving away 1 open box 7 inch limited edition of The Celestials & T-Shirt. The t-shirt size is extra-large (never worn) and the 7 inch has never been played.

To enter for your chance to win all you need to do is answer ALL 5 questions and name ALL of the 10 songs below correctly. Then send in your answers, with your Full Name and country using our Contact Page with the subject “The Celestials contest”.

The Rules:

All entries must be in by no later than Thursday at 8pm PST to be enter for the drawing. Those who enter will get an email reply to let them know they have correct answers and have been entered. Limited one submission per-person. We will announce the winner on Friday morning at 8am PST live in a Google Hangout if you care to watch (Click here to join the Google Hangout) and we will post the winner first name, last initial and country here on Friday Morning.


1) Name 4 Teargarden tracks that are only available on vinyl. (yes including alternative mixes)

2) Name 2 American TV Programs that are still on the air today that the Smashing Pumpkins have been on

3) Name 2 cover songs that the Smashing Pumpkins have recorded in studio and were official released.

4) Name 2 Grammy Winning or Nominated artist who have sung with the Smashing Pumpkins during a live performance.

5) Name a former band that each of the current members of the Smashing Pumpkins played in BEFORE playing their first Smashing Pumpkins concert.

Name the following 10 tracks in running order.

[audio: http://crestfallen.com/10_tracks.mp3]


Here are the answers / There may of been more correct solutions but these are some we had

We would accept the following answers in any combination

1)  teargadren theme, teargarden theme (alt)cottonwood symphonyInkless (original mix)

we also accepted Widow Wake My Mind & Astral Planes from the Record Store Day releases although they are the same tracks that just didn’t get the ends trimmed off.

2) The SimpsonsSaturday Night LiveLate NightJimmy Kimmel Live,  Late Show

3) too many to name

4) Pearl JamSimon Le Bon (Duran Duran)Josh GrobanMarilyn MansonChris IsaakMelissa Auf der Maur

Short list of answers:

5) BC: Hexen, The Marked, Coat of Eyes

JS: The Lassie Foundation, The Violet Burning,

NF: Veruca Salt, Spinnerette, Light FM

MB: The Mercury Tree, Moses, Smell the Roses, Spirits in the Sky and Bearcubbin’!.

The ten tracks are as follows

In My Body
So Very Sad About Us
Apathy’s Last Kiss
Jersey Shore