Billy Corgan has a philosophical conversation with Origin Magazine.

In the latest release of Origin Magazine Billy talks rather philosophical about music and creating new markets and a better civilization.

The opening paragraphs starts with Billy in mid thought saying “….In essence, the pure four-year-old who’s yet to be affected by culture, environment expectation, family insanity-it’s just continually uncovering and recovering the child within. Not let the child run the circus, just have the child be the source of the creative voice.”

Billy then talks about how the world imposes system that would attempt to compromise things you hold as sacred or holy “…In the music business I am surrounded by people who don’t view music as a sacred voice. They view music as something that they can use to exploit, often times lazily. They have no sense of the tradition they have no sense of honor about those who came before and charted the path.” Billy continues “..I have a musical ancestry as much as I have a family ancestry. Honoring those ancestors gives you access to a greater source of appreciation and information than you would have if you were just going on your own ego system. If you’re really going to uncover something as an artist, you’re going to come into access with parts of your personality and your psyche that are really uncomfortable to face: your own ambition, your own greed, your own avarice, your own jealousies, and anything that would get in the way of the purity of your own artistic voice.”

Billy explains the real endeavor is to create a clear path for your pure artistic voice to the craftsman who can chart its own path.

Billy says his business is of mystical tradition. Comparing how anyone can imagine a dream how where they’d like to have a picnic but to turn it into a real constructed item from nothing more than what was in your mind. He calls it “magic” and “alchemy“.

Billy goes on to talk about his interest lays within creating holistic systems. A system of business “ that people with ethics both exploit their good and their gifts while not exploiting the earth, exploiting on another.” Billy then explains how rewarding it is to meet a person who sells their own strawberries that they grew at a fair value.

He went on talk about how people like to be on their phones but don’t want to hear about the conditions they are built in to keep prices down. Billy wants things to be more transparent like genetically modified food (GMO) to have labels (recently American voters in California declined idea this in this election). Billy says he would like to know if he is eating GMO food. “If people chose to eat cardboard because it’s ten cents cheaper, then let them. That’s at the root of freedom. But in the reverse, I’d like to know if what I’m eating or consuming or buying is somehow hurting or exploiting someone in another part of the planet.”

Billy goes on to say he believes that if the Not-So-Selfish and Selfish people were to separate into different cities the selfish would see by the examples that the quality of life that the not-so-selfish has, Adding that we need to lead by example. Billy explaining that he is passionate about setting up new systems in the music business.

He ends by saying “I’ve stopped apologizing for asking people to pay for my goods and services. In fact, I have a lot of pride about what I’m doing. I try to be fair. I keep a keen eye on what our prices are. I think we’re pretty good deal for what we are. We offer a unique brand of creativity. We should be rewarded…”