Billy Corgan talks with Mexico’s Rolling Stone magazine.

In this Mexico Rolling Stone interview Billy starts by talking theological topics.

“Sometimes we measure ourselves according to our work, to our body or who loves us and who we want to catch. All life that we seek these measures prove our worth, but God teaches us that we are worth as we are and he does not discriminate. If you believe that God expresses unconditional love, then it becomes very difficult to understand why our life is as it is.”

The topic would then change with how Billy see’s fans prefer to see bands as fantasy rather than a political or spiritual way.

Billy talked about his memory of playing his first Pumpkin show

“The first (show) was terrible, not because we were bad, but the atmosphere was terrible and people were very rude, and had a DJ who spoke while we were playing and there were only ten people. For the second, which was the first with D’arcy, there were about 100 people, I remember thinking “Ok, this is a good start, this is more like what I wanted to feel.” The first (show with) Jimmy was quite interesting… James and D’arcy not want him in the band, so basically I said, “let’s have it just for show,” even though he knew he was lying, so I had this feeling that everything was temporary, but I knew it would not.”

On Teargarden:

Teargarden I think this is the transition from one philosophy to another, from one way of life to another, you could compare it to a change of the “old Smashing Pumpkins” the new.  To me it’s more about changing an old life to a new. (With) Teargarden… I had certain beliefs, now with Oceania, with the way I’m in the band and the concerts we’ve played so far, have changed the way I think and why I will never do the same type of music did at first, which I find interesting because you can see the whole process through music. threw When Teargarden songs and only did the album, was almost as guide you to dance without you to understand the steps.”

On his upcoming spiritual memoirs and Resistance Pro:

“I’ve probably written about 500 pages so far. And yes I will talk about everything, sex, drugs and rock & roll…

..Our goal as a (wrestling) company is to bring back that old school way of the struggle of the 60’s, 70’s and make it modern, which have been successful. Some of our talents are being hired by big companies because they like what we do. So I think it will be very good, I think it will be a success”

Thanks to David for sending me an email with the translation