Billy Corgan talks with Jian Ghomeshi of Q

In a new Billy Corgan interview with Jian Ghomeshi they go over a lot of a lot of material. You can watch a little video below of Billy or listen to the full (about 45 mins) audio uncut here. Here are some quick highlights:

Billy starts with saying Gen X might as well be dead because “…we let the nerds take over. TV and music is filled with a bunch of nerds running agendas that are really counter holistic, self reverential…” (asked to clarify who the nerds were) “…I thought we were the nerds then I didn’t realize a bunch of people were going to come around with their laptops and claim authority… I once met one guy who was running some website that +was a fan website that was super critical of the band and I asked what he thought of our new website and he was like ‘well I don’t like your use of the color red.'” He went on to point out that these kids tend to be middle class to upper class white kids telling the world how it should be run.

Billy went on to say that he believes that Gen X is not in power today due to being under populated and the next generation (Gen Y or the millennial generation) has the power. He cites that in his 40’s he is seeing people telling him to be quiet.

Billy explains that he recently told the band that he was going try to take on a new policy not to talk about other bands because there are people out there who will take that one line and turn it into a big story. (He later laughs as he names checks Trent Reznor)

Billy goes on to explain that he thinks the music artist is about to hit on harder times. That the hard times going on now are just the tip of the iceberg.

On Panopticon and positive vibe Billy explains the different between the party/material life of everything is good and that of a spiritual message of being positive.

Billy believes that Oceania isn’t a rebirth but a continuation from what started at Adore.

Billy says he might even some day he may had the reigns over to some other people to and play new Smashing Pumpkins songs.

“What Smashing Pumpkins represents is more important than me or the record or the sales or the tickets and that is what people don’t get. We’re closer to the Grateful Dead model at this point to the alternative rock model of the 90’s which was predicated on exploiting a group of kids truing their pathos and pain into money which they did and the minute that we stopped doing that effectively they got rid of most of us. Some how I made that cut. Then they kicked my ass around the 2000’s because I wouldn’t be ‘that guy’ anymore and some how through all of that I figured out how to be that guy.”

Billy ends by saying the band plans to do another album but still believes the album is dead.