Billy Corgan and Jeff talk guitars with Gibson

In a new interview for by Anne Erickson She ask Billy if he had any idea that the band would become such a pioneering musical influence: Corgan explained that he didn’t and the bands hopes was just to get out of Chicago and get a record deal. He went on to explain “ou don’t start thinking of those other goals or those other aspirations until you achieve something on which you can build. We saw over and over again around us, bands that were being called the next-big-thing in Chicago and would never get past the state line as far as national interest.”

On what kind of Gibsons they are using:

Schroeder: I play a lot of Les Pauls, but I have a few different kinds of Gibsons that I play now. My main E natural guitar is a Les Paul Iced T Sunburst with a ‘60s neck that I really like a lot. It kind of looks like a Jimmy Page, Led Zeppelin era guitar. I’ve also been playing a Goldtop reissue with a ‘50s neck and a white Les Paul Custom. I really like them all. They all sound different. They’re all really good for different applications

Corgan: Onstage for this current tour, I have an early ‘70s Firebird. In the studio, I use a lot of Gibsons. I have a mid-‘70s 335 that was most famously used on “Tonight Tonight.” It’s that chiming guitar sound. It’s one of those guitars that has a switch on it, so you can switch between a single coil and a humbucker.

I have a really incredible ’54 Les Paul Bigsby and a ’72 Les Paul Custom that’s like a Jimmy Page guitar. We also have a ’78 Les Paul that sounds a little bit more like Randy Rhoads to me. It reminds me of what guys were sounding like the in late-‘70s. It has more of a glassy sound to the tone. And I have a ton of Gibson acoustics. I have a lot of Gibsons that I use in the studio, because it’s just part of the stew we make.

More of this interview is to be released in a the coming weeks.