The Smashing Pumpkins Premier VIP Experience

Twitter user TheSolsticeBare tweeted about the small crowd (20) that had bought at the Premier VIP show where the Pumpkins played 3 songs that they won’t play during the normal show tonight. The setlist for tonight’s VIP experience was There It Goes (not played since 1989), Plume (not played since 1994), and Quiet.

Smashing Pumpkins VIP gifts

No information on the Q&A session has been revealed and little information about the the gift bag has shown up.

UPDATE: Chris reports “Q+A -songwriting, reissues, Simpsons, hockey, name origin. Jeff blew out amp during plume.”

UPDATE 2: Here is video of There It Goes. More video is to come soon. Read more about Chris experience on the Smashing Pumpkins Official Message Board.