Flashback Friday: Speed Kills

In 1999 the four original members of Smashing Pumpkins would come together for the first time since 1996 for a tour known as The Arising and played a number of new songs they were working on for their next album (Machina). One of those songs was Speed Kills.

The track made its studio premier on the vinyl releases and Japan’s CD release of Machina. It later was put on as the b-side for Stand Inside Your Love single.

A little known fact is that on the Japaneses release of Machina the song was edited down to 3:21 from the track original run time of over 5 minutes.

A new mix of the track was later released on the Smashing Pumpkins next album Machina II and the track was titled “Speed Kills But Beauty Lives Forever” in a press release.

The track has been performed over 60 times according to SPFC.org and was last played December 2nd 2008.