Billy Corgan tells Tulsa World “I’m not an entertainer. I’m a musician – that’s my trade”

In a phone interview with Tulsa World Billy Corgan told the paper that the Tulsa audience will get the massive, arena-sized production, without the 25 foot wide orb. Corgan tells them “We’ll play ‘Oceania’ and move straight into another set of our hits,”

Billy also touched on how he isn’t the same person as he was in 1995:

“People have come up to me after shows and talked to me like they were shocked I’m not exactly the same man I was in 1995, like I could look that guy up in the phone book and tell him to come to the next show,” he said.

“Nostalgia acts are really big right now – they’re huge – but for me to continue, to be happy, I have to also make music. I’m not an entertainer. I’m a musician – that’s my trade.”