The Smashing Pumpkins are in Mexico to kickoff North American tour

The Smashing Pumpkin North American Tour kicked off in Mexico City on Saturday. Before the show Billy had a press conference. He was quoted to say “The Smashing Pumpkins not just me, because this whole process has become a team, a team in which I believe, and the fact that 44 songs are part of Teagarden … means I have a commitment, a very strong future The Pumpkins” He went on to say/joke “Right now I want to announce that the next album will be called Rice Krispies and treats the flakes float to the depths of despair.”

A few videos for the Mexico City tour has made it on its way to YouTube. Billy tweeted that attendance was over 10,000 strong.

We have yet to confirm the setlist from last night show. But we do know Billy did work on lyrics for Black Sunshine the other day.

UPDATE: Video of Billy Corgan at his press confrence (second video)