Billy Corgan at Madame ZuZu’s

Billy Corgan opened his famed tea house today at 582 Roger Williams Ave. Highland Park, IL. The place was packed to capacity with fans and tea lovers alike. Billy’s teahouse was visited by FOX (1, 2), NBC Chicago, the Chicago Tribune as well as Rolling Stone magazine. This moring a new article was posted of Billy Corgan talking to Gothamist where he touched on his new tea house.

How did you get into that business, the tea business? That’s an idea I had for ten years and I finally decided to do it. Now it’s been dealing with the reality of that ever since. The design and the city and the permits and the code and the thing in the bathroom and the ugh.

Yeah, it’s a lot… I think I read that you were only doing vegan food there? Vegan dessert. Sugar-free vegan dessert.

Are you a vegan? No, I really want to be but I’m also anemic so it’s really difficult for me to be vegan. I just get so weary.

Billy tweets that he will play an acoustic set around 1pm.

SET 1: Billy played the following songs around 1pm CST

Jesus is the Sun

Song for a Son

In the Arms of Sleep  (high quailty video on

With Every Light

The Celestials

Today with Greg Bates on guitar.

Set 2: Played at 4:00 pm

By Starlight

Jupiter’s Lament

Pale Horse

Rite of Spring



Download Set 1 and 2 on

(the 3rd set is available on torrent)

SET 3: Billy said one last set is going to start at 7pm

Tonight, Tonight & Luna

Soot and Stars

Long Gone Lonesome Blues [Hank Williams]   

Violet Rays


Lily (on piano)

Daydream (incomplete)

Stand Inside Your Love

Download the 3rd set audio for a VERY LIMITED TIME here.

Pictures: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7