Billy Corgan on Rockline

Billy was on Rockline tonight where he was asked questions by fans & host Bob Coburn.

Bob and Billy talked specifically about the tracks The Celestials and Panopticon. They also talked about Whale Wars, how Bullet with Butterfly Wings is the theme song, and recounted a recent visit with the Whale Wars team.

Caller Amanada wanted to know what inspired Billy spiritually. Billy said their are two ways to look at life. One is the material and the other is about the Earth and the condition you leave it in, as well as having a relationship with God.

Caller Christian asked what the upcoming tour setlist will be like. Billy explained that the band will be playing Oceania in full along with some visual effects and recommended checking out YouTube for a peak of what the recent touring has been like. He also said the band would be playing some of their classic tracks and some deeper cuts during the tour. He continued by saying the band was working on playing some older tracks to make the setlist a little more challenging.

Caller Jordan asked how hard is to write such sincere songs in this superficial musical world. Billy explained real sincerity doesn’t play well in public. Public sincerity tends to be ‘I want to thank mom and God’, but for Billy when a fan tells him they love his album, he is just so humbled and the only words he can find express his feelings are to say “thanks.” Billy talked about how being sincerer comes down to being sincere with fans, and if they are critical of him, he will be critical of them.

Caller Jeffery asked what Billy’s first concert was. It was Asia and Billy recently talked about that on the BBC interview.

Diana asked what Billy thought of the Imagine Oceania project. Billy thought the art was interesting and a lot of it was very literal. He talked about fans on the internet and what he would like to do online.

Sam asked what Billy’s writing process is like. Billy explained that today he works on songs on the piano and acoustically. Were with the old band in the early days they would mostly jam to find an idea. Then during Mellon Collie to Machina he began to work on musical ideas on his own, and then bringing them into the studio and work through the ideas jamming on the songs.

I chose to give a call in as well to ask about how far the Smashing Pumpkins were with writing a new album. Billy said that he already has a title for the new album and the band was currently working on little ideas here and there, but the band is very excited about it. Bob tried to squeeze the name of the new album out of Billy before the break and Corgan joked “Dill and Thomas”

Caller Justin asked Billy what his most memorial moment of his career was. Billy cites playing places and events he never imagined to play at, such as Madison Square Garden, Saturday Night Live, and The Grammy’s. He then told the story about playing in Portugal, where tickets sales were very weak and they were considering canceling the show, but the prompter said their would be a lot of walk-in business even with it raining, and the place ended up completely filling up.

Caller Josh asked what was Billy mind set behind Porcelina. The song was a bit of a Neil Young rip off, Billy point to the song Cortez the Killer. Billy said that he had thrown together the lyrics at the last second before a show and he chose to keep them.

The last caller they took was Chasity who asked what more Billy would like to accomplish in the next five years. Billy said he would like to have the band be put back in the place where he sees that they belong.

Rockline will have the full interview available online after the show for 2 weeks on their replay plage.