Live Essentials—Halloween 1993

In an interview on 120 Minutes, when asked if he did Saturday Night Live specifically because of the whole Halloween thing, Billy Corgan replied, “Actually, we didn’t want to do it around Halloween, but they said well, it’s Halloween or nothing. And 20 million Pumpkins fans can’t be wrong.” And thank God they did. That eve, the Pumpkins gave energetic and inspiring performances of Cherub Rock and Today. From that point forward, there was no turning back. The Pumpkins had invaded living rooms around the country and the Rock World became a better place for it.


Cheub Rock (Live)

Today (Live)


Behind the scenes of the SNL Rehearsals

Billy Corgan on 120 Minutes on Halloween 1993


BONUS: Live at Rockefeller Center (Studio 8-H)

Be sure to check out the multiple takes and on-set banter that happened during the rehearsals.