Billy Corgan speaks on social media, quality, gay rights, and more

In this almost 25 minute long interview Billy talked about social media and how fans can share things you may otherwise never know about, but also sometimes they find things like the embracing high school photo., Billy talked about fans who were posting negative things on the Smashing Pumpkins website when they would allow comments. The web administrator at the time told Billy ‘they won’t come if they can’t comment’ and Billy explained that well then I don’t want them as fans. He explained its like a store you would own and as a part of integrity where you just don’t want to do anything to get them in the door and if people don’t like what you’re selling to show them the door.

On making an album in 2012

Billy says in these times you won’t sell that many albums and you have to ask yourself is it worth your energy. He equated that for every 1 copy you sell 10 people may hear it illegally making it economically as a business model a waste time. An album is a way for a musician to make a body of work that represents periods of their lives. Once again he said the death of the album is here, and everyone is trying to figure out where to go.

On the importance of quality

With people expecting things for free Billy says there will be people who do things cheap, cheap, cheap, and cheaper. Or you have to make something so great that people are willing to buy it. Where the Pumpkins can succeed is that they can continue to up the quality. Talking about making  this tour a quality product Billy said the band had never rehearsed as much for a tour as they did for this tour. The tour has been a huge investment of money and emotion and he had no idea what the audience might think. And the concern always is if 3,000 of the people at the first Oceania show in Perth were to go onto Twitter or Facebook and say ‘this is awful’ it would kill their tour. So in today’s world instead of producing a quality product they would go the more conservative route and would have the Pumpkins play with the bill of “Smashing Pumpkins play Siamese Dream in full” and in small letters and Oceania.

On his visits with the Sea Shepherd.

Billy was really impressed with their stories and after spending time with them he really supports their cause.

On Gay Marriage

Billy split it into two elements: social aspect and does the state recognize.  Billy says he doesn’t understand why the government doesn’t recognize two people regardless of gender choosing to come together in a partnership and getting the same legal rights (such as when a lesbian couple buys a home and one of them dies and the family moves in). On the social side he said the political side comes in first.

On Getting into Politics

Billy says he will never get into politics and he jokingly said if he does to hunt him down and kill him.


Watch the interview here: