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Billy Corgan on Rockline

August 27, 2012 montelds 0

Billy was on Rockline tonight where he was asked questions by fans & host Bob Coburn. Bob and Billy talked specifically about the tracks The Celestials and Panopticon. They also talked […]

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The Pumpkins Play Leno

August 24, 2012 montelds 0

The Smashing Pumpkins gave a stellar performance of The Celestials on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. In case you missed it last night, or if you need […]

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VIP Packages for upcoming tour

August 20, 2012 montelds 0

On the Smashing Pumpkins front page under Oceania Tour 2012 it reads “UPCOMING DATES AND VIP PACKAGES •••Mexico ••• Canada •••United States…Full Tour Schedule” We found out from Winnipeg […]