Flashback Friday: The Smashing Pumpkins & MiniDisc

In the Pieces Iscariot deluxe edition reissue an outdated media known as tape was included in the package. This old media made me reflect on yet another outdated media known as MiniDisc.

Both Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness and Machina were released on MiniDisc but were limited to releases in Europe and Australia. The only Smashing Pumpkin release on mini disc in the Unite States was the release of the Singles soundtrack which contained the song Drown..

A number of Smashing Pumpkins shows were recorded by fans via MiniDisc. Here is a small sample

Ogden Theater on 1999-04-19

Ahoy on 2000-09-20

Megaland on 2007-05-28

To see more pictures of the Smashing Pumpkins releases on minidisc check out SPFreaks.com