Oceania Tour begins in Perth, Australia

Mike Sound-checking in Perth
tweeted by Billy Corgan

It has been a picture tweeting day in Pumpkin land. Billy Corgan had started by posting a number of pictures (1, 2, 3) including his view from the stage. Mike tweeted a picture of Jeff’s pedals as well as a close up of Billy’s mellotron. While Nicole even tweeted the non-surprise part of tonight’s setlist and is seen to be ruining the lights.

Nicole tweeted a new picture from sound checks where everyone has keyboards as prescribed by Jeff.

Check out the Smashing Pumpkins Facebook #SPOceania Tour picture album and watch YouTube videos from our playlist here,

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Billy twitter account has posted a picture of Quasar & Violet Rays. Up close picture of Billy on stage

What the Pumpkins soundchecked today.

User Russel Loasby on twitter has some EXCELLENT shots on twitter.

Pale Horse tweeted from Billy account.

Picture of the ball from farther back.

As the Oceania setlist goes on a male figure has appeared on the ball. (his back)

Check out Mike on keys.

Side view of the stage. (another side view)

—Not sure what order these songs were played in—

The Pumpkins are reportly now playing Space Oddity

Pumpkins are playing Disarm.

Some of the merch available on the SP online store is around for the tour.

Tonight, Tonight

XYU? /yes XYU

Ava Adore

Cherub Rock

/show is over.


Page 2 Setlist (after Oceania played in full)

Space Oddity


Tonight, Tonight

Bullet with Butterfly Wings

Soot and Stars



Cherub Rock

Ava Adore


Black Diamond? (confirmed that this song was not performed via Ozphoria staff)

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhJlQ10PJ5E&list=PL337CEB74C3DC8504&index=6&feature=plpp_video]