Flashback Friday: TheFutureEmbrace + Short Film

Billy Corgan said “I’m an alternative-artist in the true sense of the word; in that we have to constantly explorer new territory. So the idea is to really just to try something different and find something new…”

On June 21st 2005 Billy released his first and only solo album to date called TheFutureEmbrace. The album was clearly an exploration of new territory, moving away from the heavy guitars that past Pumpkins albums had and features an electronica sound. The album had guest vocals of Robert Smith of the Cure on the cover of The Bee Gees’ song, To Love Somebody. And on the track, DIA Jimmy Chamberlin played drums. In the liner notes Billy dedicates this album “to all who believe in the path of love.” You can read track by track commentary from Billy here.

The album contained one single and music video for the track Walking Shade. Which used the footage from the short film titled TheFutureEmbrace. The film was featured on MySpace a week before the release of the album and features samples of all 12 tracks from the album. In the video Billy quotes poetry and answers questions about if you can know beauty without knowing pain and how important is the evolution of man to the evolution of machines. These question and more were also featured in the Walking Shade DVD in the interviewed titled “There” which was released in the UK.

Billy on TheFutureEmbrace recently:

In 2011 Billy tweeted that he would like to see a fan cover of the song Singapore which he later clarified was a working title for Strayz.

Billy said in June “TheFutureEmbrace was a great album, and it was completely overlooked, my solo album. Over time now, over the last seven years, now people are starting to really get into it because it’s got a bit of a visionary aspect to it.”

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gnef3rEJr5E]