Billy Corgan tells “people confuse me the performance artist [with] me the human being”

In an interview posted today (or tomorrow depending on where you live), Billy talks about how people view him.

“Most people don’t believe me, but just as much as I am a musician, I’m a performance artist and, in the tradition of performance art I grew up in, being provocative is part of what you do … it’s part of what makes art challenging and compelling,”

”I’ve been willing to use myself as a battering ram, to steal a line from Jane’s Addiction, as part of a way to point those ideas out. And so even though I’ve said it many times, people confuse me the performance artist [with] me the human being. The human being is not as difficult as the artist.”

He went on to talk about how people thought the Pumpkins had no sense of humor which makes him laughs. Billy points out the Today video where he is in the Ice Cream truck, and the fact that the band is called “Smashing Pumpkins”.

At the end Billy is complementary of the people in Australia saying “Australia’s been, for the last five years, one of the most generous and supportive places for our band…Your normal Aussie has good taste in music. If you grew up with Angry Anderson in your culture, then you’re off to a good start.”