Pisces Iscariot deluxe edition art revealed.

The Pisces Iscariot deluxe edition reissue was posted on PR Newswire this morning and confirmed the tracklisting that we posted the other day with a small change on who is doing the introduction on the DVD. It also clarifies (what we already suspected) that the multi takes of My Eternity and Jenifer Ever are incomplete takes and that the tracks after Spiteface are from multiple live shows. Including a show from 1989 (that SPFC currently lacks info on) at the Avalon where the Pumpkins played Snap.

We are also given a snippet of the booklet where Billy Corgan describes Pisces Iscariot as “A collection of odds and orphans from the dusky realms of Pumpkinland”. Billy explain that Pisces was like a mix tape saying: “My approach was to look at the album like a mix tape. It was as if I was going to make a mix tape for a friend to say, `Hey, check out this other stuff I did with my band that’s not on the albums.’ I didn’t feel as if it had to work as a great album, but it had to work as a good mix tape.”

The Smashing Pumpkin tape included in the deluxe edition is not an exact remake of the original tape, instead it is bright red. The box also appears to contain 7 pictures in a similar fashion to the Pumpkins’ recent reissues of Gish and Siamese Dream.

We are expecting an announcement soon from the Smashing Pumpkins Record Club. And those who have already joined (its not to late to join) are said to have “…access to exclusive info & merch”


[CD 1] (Deluxe Physical/Digital, Standard Physical/Digital, Vinyl)

1. Soothe
2. Frail And Bedazzled
3. Plume
4. Whir
5. Blew Away
6. Pissant
7. Hello Kitty Kat
8. Obscured
9. Landslide
10. Starla
11. Blue
12. Girl Named Sandoz
13. La Dolly Vita
14. Spaced

[CD 2] (Deluxe Physical/Digital only)

1. By June (Ignoffo Sessions/2012 mix)
2. My Dahlia (Ignoffo Sessions/2012 Mix)
3. Jesus Loves His Babies (Gish Sessions rough mix)
4. Cinnamon Girl (Ignoffo Sessions/2012 Mix)
5. Glynis (2012 Mix)
6. Crawl (Gish Sessions outtake)
7. Cinder Open (Eddy St. demo/2012 mix)
8. Blissed (Sadlands demo/2012 Mix)
9. Slunk (Live)
10. Jackie Blue
11. Venus In Furs (Live)
12. Translucent (Sadlands demo/2012 mix)
13. French Movie Theme (Siamese Sessions outtake)
14. Purr Snickety (Gish b-sides session outtake)
15. There It Goes (demo/2012 mix)
16. Vanilla (Ignoffo Sessions)
17. Why Am I So Tired (Live in studio demo)

[DVD ] (Deluxe Physical Only)

Pulse Basement Jam ( 11/19/1988 – Pulse Cable Access – Lou Hinkhouse)

Introduction by Lou Hinkhouse

1. There It Goes
2. She (Inc.)
3. She
4. Under Your Spell
5. My Eternity (Inc.)
6. My Eternity (Inc.)
7. My Eternity (Inc.)
8. My Eternity
9. Bleed
10. Nothing and Everything
11. Jennifer Ever (Inc.)
12. Jennifer Ever (Inc.)
13. Jennifer Ever (Inc.)
14. Jennifer Ever (Inc.)
15. Jennifer Ever
16. Death of a Mind
17. Spiteface

Bonus Performaces
1. Blue (10/22/1991 – Atomic Records – Milwaukee, WI)
2. Offer Up  (6/9/1992 – The Unicorn – Milwaukee, WI)
3. The Joker  (6/10/1992 – The Unicorn – Milwaukee, WI)
4. Slunk  (6/10/1992 – The Unicorn – Milwaukee, WI)
5. Dancing in the Moonlight (7/4/1993 – Raymond Revue Bar – London, UK)
6. Snap (8/11/1989 – Avalon – Chicago, IL)
7. Hello Kitty Kat (8/21/1994 – Starplex Amphitheater – Dallas, TX – 2nd stage
Lollapalooza performance)

DEMO CASSETTE (Deluxe Physical Only)

1. Jennifer Ever
2. East
3. Nothing And Everything

1. Sun (remix)
2. She (live)
3. Spiteface

Source: PR Newswire (http://s.tt/1gBlR)