Billy Corgan speaks with Beatweek

In a lengthy write up / interview with Billy Corgan in Beatweek he talks about how much he loves the bands current line-up as well as talking about songs he has ready to record.

Billy explains that ” There’s a lot of demos that are really fairly quality at least in terms of the songs…We’re already talking about starting to do some demos in August. It’s tough. I do want to put out some of this stuff that I’m sitting on. I do want to finish the project as I sort of originally sketched out. But right now we’re riding a wave and I’m not really sure where that wave takes us.”

On hopes with how Oceania is viewed in the future he said

“I would love it if we look back in ten years and see Oceania in the same way we see Gish or something, as a beginning of a new journey. I’m excited about that and I’m hopeful for that. If it’s just another hoorah, a fading hoorah, that doesn’t do much for me. I really want it to mean something more in the long run.”