Flashback Friday: Mashed Potatoes

Mashed Potatoes is a 5 disc collection of live and demo tracks from the Smashing Pumpkins archive that Billy put together for a small group of friends in the early 90’s. The 76 tracks cover the Pumpkins from the years 1988-1993.

A number of tracks or similar tracks that were put on Mashed Potatoes have been cleaned up and recived official release such as a Mayonnaise outtake on Still Becoming Apart, Jesus is the Sun on the Gish Deluxe Edition reissue and the track titled Mellon Collie was renamed to Infinite Sadness and is available on the Mellon Collie LP.

Some of the titles on the Pisces Iscariot deluxe edition (due out July 17th) may suggest more of these songs will have an official release and we suspect possibly even more will have cleaned up releases from the recently created Smashing Pumpkins Record Club.

Although these discs were given to friends; according to SPFC FAQ on Mashed Potatoes D’arcy copy was stolen around Feb 1995 and sold to a record store where it was sold off for $50. In the late 90’s a handful of tracks were made available via real player audio online. But it wasn’t until December of 2002 that all 5 discs were eventually leaked and are now widely available on YouTube (CD 12345) and on ThePumpkins.net

See an image of all 5 disc covers with handwritten titles and years written by Billy Corgan.

Mashed Potatoes Tracklist:

1.Happy Fucking Valentines (stage banter 2/14/92)
2.Tristessa (live 92)
3.There it Goes (demo 88)
4.With You (demo 89)
5.Jesus Loves His Babies (outtake 91)
6.Stray Cat Blues (live Rolling Stones cover 90)
7.Snail (radio 91)
8.Bob Speaks (stage banter)
9.Window Paine (live 90)
10.Wave Song (demo 91)
11.Blue (acoustic 91)
12.Lie I Lie (live 89)
13.My Eternity (radio 88)
14.Jesus is the Sun (demo 90)
15.Sookie Sookie (live Steppenwolf cover 91)
16.Chump (live 92)
17.Rocket (acoustic 7/26/93)
18.Under Your Spell (demo 88)
19.Honeyspider (live 90)
20.STP (demo 91)
21.Snap (demo 89)
22.Rhinoceros (live 93)
23.Let’s meet the band (stage banter)
24.Bleed (live 88)
25.Opal Worship (live 90)
26.Drown (live 92)
27.Fat Man Blues (live acoustic 89)
28.Try to Try (live 90)
29.Venus in Furs (radio Velvet Underground cover 88)
30.WNUR interview (radio 88)
31.And from the westside… (stage intro)
32.Girl Named Sandoz (live Animals cover 92)
33.365 (live 90)
34.Spaceboy (outtake 93)
35.The Joker (live Steve Miller cover 92)
36.Suffer (live 92)
37.Coming attractions (radio advertisement)
38.Egg (live demo 89)
39.Bury Me (live 92)
40.Moleasskiss (demo 92)
41.I Am My End (live 90)
42.My Dahlia (demo 88)
43.Vanilla (demo acoustic 89)
44.East (demo 88)
45.Kill your parents (stage banter)
46.Terrapin (live Syd Barret cover 91)
47.Luna (acoustic 91)
48.Interview a go-go (European radio ?)
49.Morning Jam (live 90)
50.I’m Free (live cover [?] 90)
51.Jennifer Ever (demo 88)
52.Plume (live 92)
53.Disarm (live 93)
54.Siva (live 92)
55.Translucent (demo 90)
56.Not Worth Asking (live 89)
57.Over You (live 90)
58.Where’s Vince? (outtake 93)
59.Smiley (acoustic 91)
60.Geek USA (live 93)
61.Crush (live 92)
62.C’mon (live 90)
63.Hello Kitty Kat (demo 92)
64.Nothing and Everything (demo 88)
65.Mayonaise (outtake 93)
66.Out of Focus (live 92)
67.Offer Up (live 92)
68.Silverfuck (live 92)
69.Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer (live 12/12/93)
70.Stars Fall In (demo 89)
71.Godzilla (live 90)
72.Bye June (live 92)
73.Spiteface (demo 88)
74.Daydream (demo 89)
75.I’ll Never Change (live 90)
76.Mellon Collie (outtake 93)