Video interview with Billy Corgan before the Smashing Pumpkins iheart radio performance

iheart is now streaming 4 songs (Today, The Celestials, Space Oddity, Cherub Rock) the Smashing Pumpkins played during their broadcast a week ago. Billy speaks before 3 of the songs.

On playing old songs (before Today)

“their is a misconception that I don’t like playing my old songs… I just don’t like when the audience is only there for the old song..”

On doing Oceania (before The Celestials)

“In a world that sort of celebrates a lot of things that doesn’t have anything to do with the music the only way to trumpet that is just to be musical strong as a musical unit”


On playing Space Oddity by David Bowie

“ seem to fit the Oceania feelings. When we started to play the song… I thought ‘wow this is really a great song’ much better song than I had ever thought as a fan, and that’s from playing it from the inside out. I think its a tremendous song and I am really proud to play it.”

[iframe 593 375]

You can watch all the videos here.