The Smashing Pumpkins in Caracas, Venezuela

If you haven’t been checking out our back page (Blank Page) you may have missed a lot of the tidbits of news that is coming from Venezuela about the Smashing Pumpkins trip.

Yesterday the band went and saw the work being done by the volunteers at ShareYourself. A number of pictures showed up online of Billy as well as the rest of the band. In addition a video of Billy was posted of him thanking fans who had come out to spend as much as four hours for the project.

Today Billy sat down to a press conference where he has been reported to say “I have visited around 33 countries in my career and I am happy to be here. I am very humble.” as well as saying  “Smashing Pumpkins is very conceptual, we want to be like The Beatles, transmit feeling.” (short news article about the press conference) (another recap of the press conformance)

In addition one blog believes it has tonight’s setlist already.

You may also want to check out the Venezuela Fan Facebook page. They are currently giving away tickets for tonight show via trivia it appears.

The stage is set for the Smashing Pumpkins

Waiting for the Pumpkins to take the stage

The Pumpkins have taken the stage (another pic of SP on stage)

Smashing Pumpkins start with Black Diamond.

Nicole on stage

The Pumpkins played Today.

Mike drumming away.

Picture of Billy and Nicole rocking on stage

Excellent band shoot.

Another good band shoot.

The Pumpkins played 1979.

The Pumpkins play Cherub Rock.