Video interview of Billy Corgan on Q104.3 FM

In the almost 12 minute interview Billy and the interviewer briefly discus the proper pronunciation of Oceania. They move on to talk about the RUSH documentary and how Billy really likes them. And when he meet them he ends up being the kind of fan that ask about what is that sound in any given song.

When talking about Oceania as an album within an album Billy explain he is just being clever with the words. He goes on to compare himself to Neil Young and having to go on a musical exploration that eventually lead him back to a Pumpkin signature sound.

Billy clearly explains that he kept the Smashing Pumpkins name because he wanted to make Pumpkins type music and if they were to change the name and everyone says its sounds like Pumpkins, and why aren’t you playing Pumpkins songs so he took it head on.

Billy talked about how the Pumpkins used some of the guitars that he used for playing past hit songs, namely the bat strat. They didn’t use them on purpose but the songs just sounded the best with those guitars

In addition Billy talks about Quasar and The Celestials as well as hearing his own songs on the radio, or in an elevator.