Billy Corgan & Geddy Lee talk with (part 2)

In part 2 (see part 1) Billy talks about letting conceptual issues weigh him down.

“I think I’ve learned where you can kind of go too far. Where I’m at now with Oceania, I worked off sort of a set of general themes, which kind of keeps me in a certain part of the universe… and will drop certain symbols and certain musical feelings, ’cause I can get too vague at times for me…”

On jam session said “we do set up improvisation forms, and then through that everybody can express themselves. It may be a little different than jamming; it may be a little like an improv crew that has cues, and then off the cues we switch.”

He talked about the sound of the band, particularly his voice which he said “I used to think that my voice was my biggest curse, because it’s kind of like a wild pony, the thing, you know? But now that I look back, I’m really humbled because it’s the thing that… it’s served me well, let’s put it that way. ”

Talking about Mike being compared to Jimmy he said “..People get kind of crazy and try to compare him to Jimmy Chamberlin – you know, I started playing with him when he was in his mid-20s. So here’s Mike, five years younger and at the start of this journey. And I’ve had to say to a few fans, ‘Let the kid have his journey here.’ You know, we could fake him into perfectness, but that’s not what you really want. Let him have his journey, take the ride with him and watch him mature, and let him figure it out for himself.””