Oceania In-Store Signing Event at J&R New York City

Today The Smashing Pumpkins participated in an in-store record signing event at J&R Music In New York City. To participate, fans had to go to J&R on June 15th, pre-order the Vinyl or CD, and obtain a wrist band—which entitled them to come back today and have the album signed by the band. Despite this requirement, J&R did hand out wristbands to those who purchased the album today as well.

Oceania played in the background as the crowd waited for the band’s arrival. Billy, Jeff, Nicole, and Mike entered the store around 6:15 PM, to much enthusiasm from fans. After a quick series of shots from some press photographers, the band took their place at a table near the back of the store. Billy and band mates greeted some fans at the front of the line, before returning to take their seats.

Next, the signing began. Fans took their unwrapped CDs/Vinyls up to the table and could chat with the members of the band. Billy, Jeff, Nicole, and Mike were in great spirits and very friendly. There was no limit to the number Oceania albums (purchased from J&R) that could be purchased and signed. No other items would be signed.

Several fans hung out in an area off to the side, after getting their albums signed. After the band finished signing for fans, the band signed some items for, and took some photos with, members of J&R and EMI. Before Billy left, he chatted with fans who were waiting off to the side and quickly browsed through some of the stores’ Vinyls. The band then exited the store, chatted a little more with fans, hopped into their two cars, and were on their way.