Flashback Friday: Today music video

In the commentary of the Today music video Billy says that MTV wanted to play the Pumpkins but the Cherub Rock video was seen as falling flat so right away they wanted to make the Today video but as a more standard video. Billy said no to that idea and told them he wanted to make a video where the band didn’t play in and that he wanted to dress up like an ice cream truck driver.
Corgan says he remembers when he was younger and the ice cream man decided that today would be the day that he quit, so he drove around the neighborhood giving free ice cream to all the kids.

The director didn’t understand why Billy wanted to be an ice cream truck driver and he was interested in making the video more like Zabriskie Point. Which Billy explains is why all these people making out in the video.

James Iha says he doesn’t know why he is wearing the dress and Jimmy says he doesn’t know what the video is about, just the band painting an ice cream truck in 105 degree heat.

Billy explains that the director suggested that the band paint their faces, which no one was interested in except for D’arcy. And as James became bored with the video shoot he started hurling paint and the director loved it and said to go crazy with it.

At the end of the shoot, during the final shot where Billy comes out of the truck the band had to do a number of takes. At this point the band was extremely frustrated that every time Billy got out of the truck they would throw even more stuff out of the truck in an attempt to make Billy laugh or feel bad.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmUZ6nCFNoU]