Billy Corgan tells new details about the upcoming Mellon Collie & Aeroplane reissues

As we had reported over the weekend Billy had said “[The Mellon Collie reissue] will [have] 3 extra cd’s of music. Aeroplane Flies High probably 2 extra”.

This morning Crestfallen was able to learn more about the upcoming Mellon Collie & Aeroplane reissues in an email with Billy Corgan.
In the email, Billy said that they have been working very hard on over 75 unreleased / alt mixes for Mellon Collie. Which of those end up on the final release is still to be seen. In addition, another batch of songs is being set aside for a future SPRC bundle release.
When speaking about the Aeroplane Flies High reissue, he mentioned that he had been listening to the suggestions from fans through the Lucky 13 project and is planning on releasing a compilation of the best tracks from the 1995 Double Door shows. He also mentions the possibility of later releasing the last 2 Double Door shows in full through other channels such as the SPRC.

UPDATE: Billy has just informed Crestfallen that they have located the 2nd show from the 1995 Double Door shows, which means they have two versions of Towers of Rabble. Billy told us that we can expect one of those for sure will make either the mcis or aeroplane box.