Smashing Pumpkins’ reissues of MCIS & TAFH will possibly have 5 audio bonus discs

Billy Corgan answered a few questions from fans on Twitter today, and the responses caught our eye. A fan asked if the Mellon Collie reissue would have a deluxe package like Gish and Siamese Dream. Billy responded:

“Actually working on MCIS reissue today. Looks like it will be 3 extra cd’s of music. Aeroplane Flies High probably 2 extra. Lots!”

Billy replied to another fan explaining that there will also be a concert DVD for the Mellon Collie reissue.

UPDATE: Billy also confirmed that the Aeroplane Flies High reissue will have a DVD as well! In addition, full songs from Pastichio Medley will make it onto the bonus discs too!

UPDATE 2: Billy informs a fan that some of the songs from the Gravity Demos will be remixed properly for the MCIS box.

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