Live Essentials: The Marquee—7/28/2005

Sydney, AU 2005 This show is a stand-out on the TheFutureEmbrace tour. It’s a beautiful acoustic show with 2 sets, a very engaged and respectful audience, and lots of fun. The informal vibe (a very talkative Billy, false starts, and some re-dos) along with the supportive audience make the show feel very intimate and charming. In addition to songs from TheFutureEmbrace, this show features some of the Chicago Songs and a few covers. If you’ve only heard Billy Corgan’s solo work on his album, give this show a listen and then go back to the TheFutureEmbrace Album. You’ll may find yourself appreciating the album in a whole new way.



To Love Somebody  (3:42)



It’s a Long Way to the Top… (1:02)


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You can listen to and download the show here:


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