Flashback Friday: Gossamer

Zeitgeist Whiteboard

The Smashing Pumpkins returned to the stage May 22nd 2007, almost seven years removed from their last show at the Metro in Chicago. That night the Smashing Pumpkins played a number of new tunes from their then upcoming album Zeitgeist, as well as one song that didn’t make it from the whiteboard to the album (or even as a b-side) called Gossamer. On that night the song clocked in at a modest 20 minutes.

[audio: http://archive.org/download/tsp2007-05-22.mbho.flac16/tsp2007-05-22.mbho.d1t12_vbr.mp3]

And as the Pumpkins tour continued Gossamer got longer, with the occasional shorten version.

[audio: http://archive.org/download/tsp2007-06-05.mbho.flac16/tsp2007-06-05.mbho.d2t09_vbr.mp3]

By the time the Smashing Pumpkins finished their residency in Asheville, North Carolina Gossamer had pasted the 30 minute mark. During that time the song would continue to change and grow as it was played live.

Once the Smashing Pumpkins had finished their residency in San Francisco the song wasn’t played again for over a year. When Gossamer finally returned to the setlist it had been trimmed down to 16 minutes long but soon return to the 20 minute mark. The song hasn’t been played live since October 2010.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVn-_nWUkbY]