Has a Smashing Pumpkins Machina II hit eBay?

It has come to our attention that a Machina 2 is currently on eBay. On a recent Flash Black Friday we talked about how this album was limited to 25 hand-cut, hand-numbered, non-lacquered acetate copies, consisting of 3 10″ EPs and a double 12″ LP, 5 discs with a total of 25 songs.

This is perhaps one of the most prized collector items in all of Pumpkin land. The seller claims to be shipping from Villa Park, Illinois. And we did happen to notice a Metro sheet of paper which has got us wondering if this is in fact the copy the Metro had been given. We will keep you up to date as we find out more.

UPDATE: Billy thinks this might be a phony.

UPDATE 2: We have heard from sources, that the item is from Q101. But the seller openly reports that there is no number on it, going on to say “The only things numbered are what I took photos of which are the album sequence. Thanks for your interest.”

UPDATE 3: Billy said on twitter “if [the] Machina 2 is the Q101 copy than it should not be made available for sale because it was given as promo only and SP owns rights”

UPDATE 4: The Machina 2 auction was ended by the seller. At this time we are not sure why.