Billy Corgan talks with MLW about Resistance Pro & Pumpkins

Billy Corgan had an interview with MLW and in this 40+ minute interview Billy starts by talking about the most recent Resistance Pro show and how well the show went. He then reminisced about watching wrestling as a youth until he got into music and how he happened to get back into wrestling in the late 90’s. The conversation goes on to talk about the current Resistance Pro talent and the sacrifice these talents make to live out their dream.  Billy also mentions how he finds time for Resistance Pro in between the cracks after a long work day and he does it because he believes in it.

About the Pumpkins: Billy said that, when they returned in 2007, the Pumpkins felt a lot of pressure to write an album that would be a balance between doing what they felt like doing and still have the feel of the old Pumpkins. Billy said, “so we made that record.. it just didn’t work, it wasn’t that we made a bad record, it just didn’t find that click point.”

Asked about Oceania, Billy said that people who had heard the album had said it sounded like the Pumpkins the way they remembered them but it didn’t sound like them, and that, somehow, seems to have made a classic Pumpkins record without setting out to make one.

Asked about the upcoming US tour, Billy talked about it being harder to put together a tour from LA to NY these days because of the economics of today.

Asked if “Owata” and “Lightning Strikes” would get a physical release, Billy said that there are plans for a box set for Teargarden and that they’d be on that.

You can listen to the whole interview below.