The Smashing Pumpkins – Live at Rock in Rio Festival 2012 (Full Concert)

If you missed the Smashing Pumpkins performing at the Rock in Rio Festival yesterday or want to relive the experience, the full concert is now online! Special thanks to DrCopperpot for this video!

The video is the full webcast with technical difficulties and all. The online broadcast starts Zero late and there are audio problems for the first 45 seconds of the video. The video was cleaned a bit and a touch of reverb EQ boost was added to the audio by DrCopperpot.

Setlist: 1. Zero 2. Bullet with Butterfly Wings 3. Today 4. Starla 5. The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning 6. Quasar 7. Panopticon 8. Tonite Reprise/Tonight, Tonight 9. Ava Adore 10. Neverlost 11. The Everlasting Gaze 12. Oceania 13. 1979 14. Cherub Rock 15. Muzzle

Encore: 16. Disarm 17. Space Oddity (David Bowie cover) 18. X.Y.U. + Walk (Pantera cover tease) 19. Black Diamond (KISS Cover)

Thanks to Rock in Rio 2012 for streaming the show live!

This is an epic show – the Pumpkins rocked their heart and souls out on this one!

A back-up video can be found on Google+.

Audio is available on