New interview with Billy Corgan talks about Oceania as part of the Teargarden project

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In a new interview with Billy was asked about the sound of Oceania live compared to the studio release to which he said “it is difficult to explain, on the album is more beauty than you can actually find live, because everything live to be easier. Things like delays, include a third or fourth guitar … Even if you could recreate every detail on the stage, it would be lost.”

When asked about if Oceania is still part of Teargarden

“I still consider it part of ‘Teargarden’. It is still important to me since we are running the project, but I think ‘Oceania’ would not have been possible without all you’ve done in ‘Teargarden’. To me it’s like an evolution back to a place I want to make records and I am so excited about music as it was when I was twenty. It is taking me a while to find a truly organic and natural from which to make music again and not the typical nonsense for the recording industry.”

When asked about how Oceania worked with the 11 EPs plan for Teargarden Billy explained

“instead of just one song at a time and releasing several EP’s decided to do it all on one disc. When everything said at the beginning of the EP’s had other ideas about what would be other ways to reach fans and stay creatively engaged, some worked and others did not at all. I do not think Smashing Pumpkins fans were responding in a realistic way and return to the idea of an album I would put in the center again to try to make the audience looked our work in a different light because of the way we were running we were forgetting about very easily. A disc looks very official sounding, but an EP is like “oh, is a single” or “four songs”. You get respect through that important to you from the disk. And compare my music with someone who has never had a hit or who just released his first album and fame are given a certain level of importance that is not real, is a way to seek other care. I know how to make music, I did pop music, but when you try to create good music and psychedelic rock requires more than five seconds and the disposable music culture today how to make people pay more attention is confront them with a disk . If for example I teach a song, instead of a hard, people tend to look at it differently if it is within a disk, but still the same song. I have yet to find different ways to make people listen to music, is not as simple as whether good or bad because a lot of good music that nobody listens.”

Asked if he thinks he might end up being bored with the idea of Teargarden

“Not at all. Because the reason I wanted to do this project because … Imagine ‘Teargarden by Kaleidyscope’ is finished, if talking to someone about it would be like “look, I started here and ended there and if you follow this path you can see that something has happened from here to there. ” That was the reason for doing ‘Teargarden’ I want to start here and end there and the person who listens to hear the trip. It’s a bit more complicated than simply listen to three albums in a row. Because it’s all linked, there are songs of ‘Oceania’ to take you back to the beginning of ‘Teargarden’. Not released but I wrote, you know? There is a kind of circular route in this work that connects everything ‘Teargarden’. With respect to how the mainstream do not care if you believe me or not. If you believe in ‘Teargarden’ or not, really do not care, I just want people to hear the music.”

Billy also says he has mainly been listening to classical and rarely listens to new artist. The interview goes on to end with talk about the Siamese Dream and the reissues.