Flashback Friday: 3F21

"Is it true that we have to bring our own water?" -D'arcy

In May of 1996 the Smashing Pumpkins were on the Simpsons episode 3F21, perhaps better known as Homerpalooza. The episode has Homer being added to a freak show line-up as part of a musical festival known as “Hullabalooza” which the Smashing Pumpkins were touring with.

The Smashing Pumpkins are introduced by playing Zero live, where Jimmy is playing an unusually small drum kit. And in a peculiar fashion the band stopped playing Zero midway due to a big pink pig that had just hit Homer in the gut that is seen flying up into the air.  Which ultimately leads to Homer getting his gig as part of the freak show.

After Homer makes his first appearance on the Hullabalooza stage (where he is shot by a cannon) he meets Billy Corgan. Homer tells Billy that his kids thinks he is the greatest. And because the Pumpkins gloomy music his children have stopped dreaming of a future he couldn’t possibly afford.

Later on Homer hangs out with the entire band and they discuss the upcoming show in Springfield. Jimmy tells Homer  “the hometown show’s the big one”.  James concurs by says “people who called you a weirdo in high school get to see what a successful freak you’ve become.”

Towards the end of the episode Homer is forced to resign from the freak show. As he leaves Homer tells the Pumpkins that he’ll miss them, but that he just can’t share their bleak world view. To which Billy says “We envy you, Homer. All we have is our music, our legions of fans, our million of dollars and our youth…. WOO-HOO!”