Flashback Friday: Machina Interview CD

While looking through my Smashing Pumpkins collection I found this little promo interview disc I had. Since you have seen a number of recent interviews with Billy, I though we could flashback to one that came out right before Machina. Here are all the questions. I have written the answers Billy gave to some of the questions. I’ll like write answers to all the questions over the weekend.

01. Let’s go back to the end of Adore. How soon after promoting that album did you begin writing songs for Machina?

D’arcy requested the band take 4 months off. In which Billy wrote a couple of acoustic and piano demos. Which only 2 became songs on Machina

02. D’arcy played on the album and then she left once the album was finished?

D’arcy left half way or 2/3 of the way. But her part was done by then

03. What does Jimmy’s return and presence mean to the sound and outcome of Machina?

Jimmy is the best drummer in the world. He brings an intuitively ability.

04. Specifically then, how does Jimmy’s approach change the songs in ways you couldn’t expect?

Jimmy emotional interprets the songs in his drumming. He brings emotion to the songs in his drumming

05. What about Auf der Maur attracted you to her as a bass player? Did you go through rehearsals? Did you have a short list or was it always her?

Billy offered her the job without playing a note. He had known her for a number of year and knew Melisa was able to respond emotionally with the music

06. You were quite clear that Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness really felt like the end of the rock and roll period for The Smashing Pumpkins. Adore clearly was a chance for you to go and explore where The Smashing Pumpkins might go next. What we would all like to know is what would Machina be in relation to both of those albums?

07. You have been at one point or another labeled as “one of the saviors of alternative rock and roll”. How do you cross the line and know when you are trusting your intuition and that it’s the right thing to do?

08. You said that “Adore was as close as The Smashing Pumpkins ever came to a complete we don’t care what anyone thinks about artistic integrity”. Where does Machina fit into that context?

09. I would like to talk to you about 3 songs off the Machina album. First, The Everlasting Gaze?

the song started as a disco song originally called Disco King that originally had to do with mocking people on the dancing floor.

10. Stand Inside Your Love?
11. I of the Mourning?

12. How do you know when a song is finished?

A song is never finished and that is evident in our concerts.

13. Which record, if any, feels unfinished? And if you could take another run at them, would you?

14. As a songwriter, does it feel like the stakes for having an impact are being raised?

15. Can you isolate a song that is one of your purest songs? By “pure” I mean the point at which all of your influences, art and literature, and life and family came into perfect confluence.
Disarm, 1979, Stand Inside Your Love, I am sure there are a few more.
16. Can you give me an example of one song from Machina that seemed to take a pound of flesh off of you, a song that was just the killer?
I of the Mourning use to be two songs, one called Radio and the other I of the Mourning. It was refereed to as I of the Radio. Their were at least 5 or 6 different version of the songs with 5 or 6 of different arrangements. Flood had suggested to let the song go into being a b-side but Billy couldn’t let it go.
17. Is there anyone you see as a contemporary songwriter that you would view as a kindred spirit?