New Lengthy interview with Billy Corgan appears on

A new interview with Billy Corgan has come online today. In the interview Billy talks about his new book, working with the Veronicas, Oceania, Zeitgiest, Machina re-issue, and the future. Here are some quotes from the interview.

On the book:

“It’s pretty honest. The only catch in it is that everybody’s under pseudonyms. I don’t name names. I mean some people obviously there’s no way to not figure out who it is. But there’s a lot of people that have played an important role in my life who I just don’t name.”

On working with the Veronicas:

“I’m not producing them, so it’s not my thing. I’ve been involved more on a suggestion level, an encouragement level, that kinda thing”

On Oceania:

“I think there’s some sort of cross in there between being an astronaut and being an island unto yourself. Isolation is definitely a key theme, but I don’t think it’s as simple as ‘hey I’m out here in the middle of the ocean’, it’s more trying to struggle with how to remain yourself and love at the same time, truly love somebody, or love your life.”

On Zeitgeist:

“I didn’t get out of it everything I would’ve wanted to get, and in hindsight I looked at it, and I’ve always been honest about saying ‘I didn’t get everything I wanted.’ But that said, I’m sorry, Jimmy and I in a room is still better than about 99 percent of the music that I’ve ever heard, outside of bands named The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Nirvana, you know the list.”

On Machina & Machina II re-issue:

 we’re going to remix the whole record and put it in its official sequence the way I’d hoped for in the beginning. I wrote it as a rock opera double album type of thing, so we’re going to remix the whole thing. I’ve already talked to Flood, and he’s been indicating he wants to be involved with that part of the process, and then we’ll finally finish the album, the way it was meant to be. ”

On the Future:

“I don’t like to put timeframes, because like I said I don’t take anything for granted, but I’m really happy and I hope that we stay together. I really like the band, I like the fact that everybody’s involved, I like the fact that we all participated on the album, and worked hard on it together. This is the sunny version of the band. I was in the dark version of the band, this is the sunny version, so I hope the sunny version lasts as long as possible.”

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