Billy Corgan talks to

In this latest interview with Billy Corgan, he explains that it’s not his job to be an oldies act or a jukebox. The article quotes him to say, “When we were on the Mellon Collie album tour I had people down the front shouting for Siamese Dream songs.”

He goes on to emphasize that, to him, playing old albums in full for concerts is the death of everything that is new.

When he discusses the recent open letter by Axl Rose to boycott the Guns N’ Roses’ Hall of Fame induction, Billy says it would be problematic for the original line up to ever reunite.



“You have to understand I’ve been sued by my former band mates,” he says. “I’ve had them cost me money, crazy amounts of money, over dumb s—. T

hey don’t want to participate in things that involve fans, but they still want to make their money because they were around when stuff happened.”