Billy Corgan talks to Kerrang! about Oceania

In the most recent issue of Kerrang! magazine, Billy opens up about Oceania. While the interview treads ground that might be familiar to fans who have been following the press surrounding the upcoming release, Billy goes a little bit deeper into the themes of the album. “It’s about relationships and how one views oneself in a world that’s kind of confusing,” he says. He later adds,

The thing that defines our age is technology. It’s obviously changing how we inter-relate as humans. What that in mind, how does one maintain a moral compass in your personal relationships when you have the world at your fingertips? But it’s not a real world, it’s a fake fake world. So the album looks at the balance between personal relationships and those relationships with a world that’s changing its relationship with you.”

The two-page interview goes on, addressing Billy’s shift in strategy in recording another album after exploring the “singles” approach with Teargarden by Kaleidyscope, as well as the communal approach that underlies much of Oceania.