Live Essentials: London Hotel Room—09/01/1991

London, UK, 1991—This is a classic show that features a stunning solo-acoustic performance by Billy (from the “Fish” Era) and short interviews between songs. With only 5 tracks, and running under 30 minutes, it’s a great short listen that you’ll find yourself coming back to again and again.

The set contains some unique versions of songs. As billy puts it, “It’s the same song, but a different interpretation.”

Through the interview sections we learn some interesting tidbits. For example, at the time, Billy liked all of his songs, but sometimes not the way he did them on the record. Also, when asked his favorite song, he replies, “Probably a song that consistently stays with me is Snail…it wasn’t one of those songs when you first played it you thought, this is a great song. I really had to work on it and work on it, and kept it in my mind and kept thinking about it.”

Obscured/Tristessa Tease/Rhinoceros Tease (5:17)



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