Billy Corgan talks with VMusic

Billy did a Q&A with an Australian website called VMusic. In the interview, Billy talks about being in Las Vegas for a wrestling convention. He talks a little about how Resistance Pro is going and how much fun it is.

In the interview, Billy says that the Oceania tour will start in Australia, and mentions that he wrote a song for the Veronicas’ album that isn’t being used – although he does play a guitar part on the upcoming album.

He explains why Australia is the perfect place to debut Oceania

I think it’s really cool that the official Oceania tour starts in Australia. Our Australian fans will be the first to hear it and see what we’re gonna do. We’re working with the guy who’s been working with Roger Waters on The Wall – he’s doing the graphics for our tour. We’re gonna have a really interesting stage show. It’s more of an experiential thing than just us getting up and playing with a bunch of bright lights.

He also says that he isn’t sure if they will be playing the Oceania set at Splendour because it would be a tough crowd.

Billy does mention that his spiritual autobiography is slated for next year.

You can read the full article here.