Friday the 13th Interview with Billy Corgan

Photo by Silvia Soares Lopes

On Friday the 13th (April 2012), interviewed Billy Corgan over the phone. The interview lasted for well over an hour and covered the reissue process, an in-depth look at the Lucky 13 project, the upcoming release of Oceania, and much more.

For anyone interested in learning more about the Lucky 13 project, I believe this interview will shed some additional light on it.

If you would like the complete interview you can download the 30MB audio file here.

1) What is the process of putting together a reissue? (2:57)

2) Once you have selected the songs for a reissue, what are the next steps? (1:30)

3) How long does it take to complete a reissue? (5:12)

4) Why not release everything from the Smashing Pumpkins archive? (5:36)

5) Why is it important to have The Lucky 13 Project and fan input in the release of archive material? (18:17)

6) Is the Kickstarter model necessary for future SPRC releases?  (5:23)

7) Why was a DVD of the “last show” never released by Virgin/EMI? (3:30)

8) Will fans get access to the archive catalog to help them make choices on what to request to The Lucky 13 team? (5:05)

9) Will song samples be available before a Kickstarter model is put into place? (4:56)

10) Will the upcoming album Oceania have a single? (2:36)

11) When will the Smashing Pumpkins go on tour? (4:37)

12) Have you been writing any new music since the completion of Oceania? (2:00)

13) How happy are you with your life right now? (5:42)