Preview of the Friday the 13th Interview with Billy Corgan: Will Oceania have a single?

On the evening of Friday the 13th, Jonathan Monte interviewed Billy Corgan over the phone, for over an hour. The two spoke about the reissue process, The Lucky 13 project, the upcoming Oceania release and more. We are sharing a little snippet each day, until the whole interview is released on Tuesday. Here’s the third snippet.

In this part of the interview Billy is asked if there are plans to release a single before Oceania is released.


The current plan is to make it about the album. Meaning, we are having a lot of conversations, none of which are finalized, but essentially somewhere in the week-or-less period before the album is actually available for sale, we make it so everybody can hear the album, and they decided on their own whether or not they think it’s a worthy work. So, we’re not sending out copies for review. We’re not trying to sell the album off of one song. We believe that the album in totality will be significant enough that people will be motivated to want to own it…if you want the marketing campaign that is essentially it in a nut shell.