Preview of the Friday the 13th Interview with Billy Corgan: SPRC Isn’t About Making Money

On the evening of Friday the 13th, Jonathan Monte interviewed Billy Corgan over the phone, for over an hour. The two spoke about the reissue process, The Lucky 13 project, the upcoming Oceania release and more. We are sharing a little snippet each day, until the whole interview is released on Tuesday. Here’s the second snippet.

In the interview Billy says, once again, that the SPRC isn’t about making money.


“I’m not in the exploitation business, and nothing erks me more [than] people saying ‘he only cares about making money’, trust me if I want to make money it’s not in the reissue program…One Smashing Pumpkins’ concert makes ten times more than I’m going make on any of this stuff, hundred times more. I loathe to make it a money equation but everybody has to understand that at some point it has to be about energy exchange.”

Billy goes on to explain how much energy, time and—yes—money it takes to make a release happen.

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