Preview of the Friday the 13th Interview with Billy Corgan: The Metro DVD

On the evening of Friday the 13th, Jonathan Monte interviewed Billy Corgan over the phone, for over an hour. The two spoke about the reissue process, The Lucky 13 project, the upcoming Oceania release and more. We’d like to share a little snippet each day, until the whole interview is released on Tuesday.

In the interview Billy addresses the fans’ request for the December 2nd, 2000 Metro Show.


“Everyone is going to say they want  [The “Last” Metro Show]. But, no Shit. Okay, I know that and there is already plans to put that out. Now I’ve said that before, but we actually have concrete plans to put that out.”

Billy goes on the say that this will be part of an EMI reissue package and not part of The Lucky 13 project.