Live Essentials: Viper Room—01/15/1998

West Hollywood, CA, 1998—This show took place during the the recording of the Adore album. Taking on all of the responsibility of the record, Billy put a tremendous amount of pressure on himself—and admittedly—it eventually wore him down.

The Viper Room preformance was an important turning point during the recording phase. It was a solo acoustic show. One man. One guitar. All new material (except for the encore), many songs preformed for the first time in public. This show reminded Billy that he believed in the songs and restored his confidence in what he was doing.

Exposed and sincere, Billy preform beautiful, stripped-down versions of new material that would become the next Smashing Pumpkins album. The crowd is extremely receptive and embraces every moment of the new music and its style—vastly different from anything heard before.

A magical show and a must-have for Pumpkin fans, it’s an example of how the positive energy of fans played an important part in the development of a groundbreaking album.


Ava Adore Live (4:15)



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