New Spinner Canada Interview with Billy Corgan

In a recently published interview with Richard Kalenberg of Spinner Canada’s website, Billy answered questions on a variety of topics including his view of the alternative paradigm today and fans from 1993. The introduction compares Corgan to his peers and points out that he is one of the few that “continues to push forward, doing what he wants, when he wants, how he wants,” representing the true alternative spirit.

Billy reconfirms his dislike of bands doing money tours—playing only older songs and hits. He also mentioned that he has “to have enough testicular fortitude just to stand and be on [his] own and if [he’s] valuable somebody will come and knock and say, what have you got?

When asked if he feels he can still win back fans from ’93 that weren’t impressed with his later releases, Billy replied, “No, because I’ve killed them.” He went on to admit that the he doesn’t think he was great over the last five years and that he is “not going to sacrifice [his] integrity to try to pretend to be great.” Billy then explained that he is on a journey that will take him back to great an organic fashion. To answer whether he regrets the last five years, billy replied, “No, it’s a journey. It’s a journey I had to take.”

Billy then went on to say that he believes iTunes is not profitable and that he would not play his old records live in their entirety. He also mentioned that he could easily sell 10,000 tickets to a Siamese Dream concert, but that the people wouldn’t come back for a live performance of the new album. He then mentioned a Weezer review (the greatest review he has read) that started, “Isn’t it great that they didn’t bother playing any new music? They just gave us what we came to see.”

The interview closes with Billy telling us that he would never get the old band back together, because he is happy where he is and that The Smashing Pumpkins is all about making new music.

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